Honored and Proud to serve Monroe County and Rochester, New York

Pillar To Post has been rated #1 in the Home Inspection category by Entrepreneur magazine for the last 5 years running. As a licensed New York home inspector we want our clients to receive the best possible value for their money, the best home inspection in the industry. We want to provide you with information to help you make an informed decision.

When you buy or sell a home there is a moment of truth, at Pillar To Post we believe this is when the inspection occurs. It is this moment when the buyer or seller comes face to face with reality. Our goal is to enable you to be an informed customer who is familiar with the details of the home. We strongly encourage you to attend the inspection.

During the inspection process, part one of my job is to look for Fire, Safety and Health issues for you, part two is to teach you about the home, how it operates and address any concerns you have or may arise. During the inspection I’ll give you lots of maintenance tips, ideas, suggestions, you can ask all the questions you want.

A typical inspection takes 2 to 3 hours depending how deep we get into things. The first hour we will walk around and talk about the components of the house and I will look from the roof to the basement and everything in between. The second hour I will document the house and give you a computerized written report. As a Pillar To Post home inspector, I’m just a flash light on the Truth, it is what it is. And while there is not “perfect” home, I believe there is a solution to everything.

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